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Friday, January 12, 2007


You know, i think we missed a perfect opportunity to litter train Baby Bunny Boy (who Kev now calls Crash because of his many mishaps of skidding into the sink, etc). i had been offering Rabbit Pellets (PetSmart has a house brand that is good AND reasonably priced ~ Nutriphase) to supplement Baby Bunny Boy's Pet milk formula, and to give him something to chew on. He did gnaw at them, but i don't think he realized that they were food. Anyway, he would sit in his little dish of them, and i would find a glurcky mess in it, meaning that he was probably sitting there, taking care of his business. i didn't snap to it in time, but i could have used some of that pelleted-cotton litter to potty train him, since rabbits only like to urinate in certain places, and usually only ONE certain place, whether it's in their cage or out and about. Cats are so easy to litter train ~ you put them in the box and show them they can dig, and they're trained! With rabbits, i think you have to let them decide exactly where they want to go, then it's up to us to keep those areas clean. Now, because a couple a days ago, i made some curried rice with an applesauce gravy and decided to use the little applesauce tubs as (pellet) food bowls, Baby Bunny Boy has been actually eating the pellets, so i'm afraid i've missed my chance. *sigh*

Hope everyone's dinner is settling ~> i'm off for another round!



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