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Friday, January 12, 2007

News About Crash

i've been posting to the PetsHub Rabbit forum, and discussing the release/non-release of Crash with them. This is my latest post there, and i think it is pretty self-explanatory:


In answer to to your posts, BeetleBunny and prettybea:

My folks have a little 40 acre ranch, on which live: wild water fowl; tame water fowl; scads of wild birds; 2 dogs; 6 cats; a monkey; wild hogs; cattle; skunks; raccoons; rabbits; a mountain lion; deer; opossums; well, you get the idea. We live in an EXTREMELY rural setting ~ we are 2 miles, down a dirt county road, from the "main highway" of TX 119, and 4 miles down another dirt county road from the other "main highway" of TX 80. The nearest town with a WalMart is about 30 miles away. Our best grocery store is 25 miles away, although we can drive 17 miles to
the "bad" one. We live in the middle of nowhere ~ literally.

Anyway, about 5 weeks ago, my folk's dog came up with something in it's mouth ~ that
something was an approximately 3-day-old baby cottontail rabbit. The dog, who we THINK is part retiever, hadn't harmed a hair on the little bunny's body! My Mom recommended Pet milk, with a little drop of Karo in it, as a formula, and i began feeding it with an eyedropper.

i've got to tell you, we didn't hold out much hope of it surviving. i've rescued wild things before and i know that the mortality rate is high, especially if another animal has mauled the creature. After getting on line, i read about feeding it, and all the dire warnings, etc. (There was no choice about putting it back, once i found one of it's siblings that the other pets had gotten to.) He's now 5 weeks old, and seems to be doing great.

Okay, now about the 'cage' he'll live in ~

Like i said, we live on a ranch, so we could build a nice, large cage ~ we already have 6' x 12' x 6' dog run that a wire floor could easily be added to, along with adding a "loft" area that would make it 2 levels along one side. Until then, we have a small 2' x 4' x 2' cage that i have been putting him outside in, as well as a 4' x 4' x 4' cage. And, no, it's not being free, but it's the closest thing i can do.

This is ugly of me, but can you please explain to me how keeping him, in safety and some semblance of luxury (steady food, clean water, fresh veggies, a female "friend" ;) ) and having him "slip away" is somehow WORSE than some sort of horrendous, violent death?

And that's what it comes down to ~ i'd rather see him die from kindness.


i've thought and thought about it, and that's what i finally decided to do ~ keep him in the manner to which he has become accustomed.



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