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Friday, January 12, 2007

i released Baby Bunny Boy ~ sort of...

After talking to the folks over one the PetsHub Rabbit Forum, i had pretty much decided to release Baby Bunny Boy. If you'd like to read the whole story ~ me deciding to keep him, then deciding to release him ~ you can scope out all the posts in that forum.


You will NEVER believe this:

i finally started thinking about Crash's wild side, and decided to release him. The two vets around these parts refuse to neuter him, and he is SO active that i started thinking that perhaps the rabbit rehabilitators i had spoken with were right ~ once he reaches 'puberty,' he will revert to his 'wild' ways.

i released him in back of the house, into a big clump of grass and Dear and i stood around until we couldn't see him anymore. We walked away, about 25 feet, waited a couple of minutes, then walked back and i called to him. He ignored me, which i thought was good. Dear and i returned to the house ~ Dear to take a shower before work, me to monkey around on the computer. i kept an eye out on the clump of grass, and after a while, noticed one of my folk's black cats sitting next to it, in a predatory pose. i boiled out of the trailer, and was running toward the cat, which alerted the dog that first brought me Baby Bunny Boy, and when the cat pounced, scaring Crash out of his cover, i began screaming at the top of my lungs at the cat, "NO!!!" The dog, Taffy, took off after BOTH of 'em, which effectively scared off the cat, but THEN she continued to chase Crash. Oh! It was SO PITIFUL to hear him crying/screaming ~ it sort of sounded like a goat, bleating ~ as the dog ran him down. i was sick, but still in hot pursuit, and was AMAZED when the dog caught Baby Bunny Boy, and just HELD him, in her mouth, on the ground until i got to them. Taffy released him as soon as i put my hands around him, allowing me to scoop him up and bring him back in to his cage.

When i examined him, he had a small injury on his left side ( a bit of blood there), but after he cleaned himself, i can't hardly tell where it is. He has no broken bones, nor any other injuries ~ Thank You, Lord!

Okay, so now, folks, i HAVE tried to release him, but he TRULY is too used to all these other animal folks to know about survival.

ORIGINAL POST DATE = about 12-12-06

i took a little flack over this, and you can see the entire posting 'conversation' at


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