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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Howdy! It's a gloomy old day around these parts (south Texas) today, so i guess this is as good a time as any to post about Bernie, the little mini rex rabbit we got to be a companion for Baby Bunny Boy. We found her at a pet store in Victoria and fell in love with her! It was Dear's idea to name her Bernie because he'd already changed Baby Bunny Boy's name to Crash, so ~ get it? ~ Crash and Bernie!

Unfortunately, the two didn't have enough time to bond, nor even to get to know each other very well, since Bernie died in a freak accident. She was in a cage outside, and the dog that originally brought us Baby Bunny Boy went over to have a look at her, but Taffy startled Bernie, and Bernie ran across the cage, jumped into the wire on the side, and broke her little neck. Like i said, a freak accident.

Bernie was such a lovely, and loving, little rabbit. A mini rex rabbit feels like velvet made of inch-long satin threads ~ unimaginably soft and luxurious. Because she actually LIKED being petted, i got to rub and touch her all the time. i sure do miss her!

Rest in peace, little Bernie Rabbit ~ i know the angels love you as much as we did!


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