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Monday, February 19, 2007

It Has Occurred To Me...

that y'all have seen scads of pics of Baby Bunny Boy, and he's still growing and thriving! i guess he's hit the teenage years (he's like 5 months old now) as evidenced by the little "Nyah, nyah" tongue-sticking-out episode we caught him at!

Anyway, you've met and seen him, but i don't think i've posted any pics of Retread, the little Mini Rex rabbit i got for Christmas as a sort of replacement for my precious, beautiful little Bernie Bunny, who died in a freak accident just before Christmas. (Rest in peace, little angel.)

She is SO SOFT!!! Petting her is like rubbing your hand through 1 inch thick velvet, made of satin threads! At first, she just tolerated us, but as time goes by, she's getting more and more affectionate and playful. So playful, in fact, that i've had to start researching about toys. It would appear that willow trees are good for an assortment of different goodies ~ twigs, leaves, tender buds ~ but i need to do some more reading. i did find a site that looks very promising ~ the ASPCA has a site dedicated to ANIMAL Poison Control. If i'm not back real soon, it's because i'm learning underwater WILLOW basket weaving, online! ROFL!!!


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