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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Research ~ Lifespans

Talk about a shock ~ I've been researching different things about Baby Bunny Boy, and found out some very interesting facts about the lifespans of the two different rabbits i have.

As a wild cottontail rabbit, Baby Bunny Boy could live from 8 to 10 years; however, the average lifespan for his peers is an unbelievable 4 to 6 MONTHS! i read that of any given year's 'crop' of cottontails, 80% will perish before the next year. i suppose i'll have the oldest little cottontail in these-here parts pretty quick like.

Amazingly enough, Retread's, lifespan is less than BBB's ~ a Mini Rex's lifespan could be 8 years, but the average is 6 years. That surprises me because, as far as i know, the Rex is and has been a domesticated breed since about 1924, so most of the data is based upon life in captivity, which, to me, should lengthen it substantially.

Anyway, until next time ~


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